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21 January 2015 @ 08:57 pm
I woke up early morning with an anxiety attack. I have a driving test this Friday and although I can drive just fine everyday, but when I know it's an actual practice test I go into full panic mode, I start shaking and can't even feel my legs. So at 5am today I woke up with this on my mind, my heart racing, I thought shit, I am going to fail again. I talked to my mum and she made me feel calmer and I'm also seeing my therapist tomorrow. I hope I can get my shit together so I can finally get my driving licence, it's bad enough that I'm a twenty something who can't drive.

Ooh and I also saw a quite handsome guy on the streets today then I realised it was a guy I'd (briefly) dated in 2011. He has a beard now so that's why I didn't recognise him right away. He looks hot.